Gappy Ranks - Put The Stereo On CD

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'A meeting of eras that should please all the people, all the time' - BBC review

This release saw Gappy Ranks plucked from obscurity and launched into a heavyweight of the scene. The epitome of a Peckings classic blending old classics with the best new talent, this record was a Reggae charts number one hit.

Track listing:
1. Is This Love
2. At Last
3. Drastic Times
4. Conversation
5. God Bless The Child
6. Crossroad
7. I Am In The Mood
8. Book Of Job
9. Sins Away
10. Hey Little girl
11. Colours Of The Rainbow
12. More Peace & Love
13. Breaking Up
14. Bad Boy
15. At The Club
16. What A Difference
17. Since I Don't Have You
18. Never Wanna Hurt You
19. Love Doctor
20. Get To Know
21. Responsibility